Type C Prints
8 x 10″ | 2008

A large device (presumably one that feeds into and is dependent of for the function of many other devices) sits idle and stagnant in a cold, bleak landscape. Provided this primary device was functioning it would feed the colour and life into many secondary devices, however it does not. The inactive device has transformed into a mute object devoid of life and ultimately colour. It is neutral and passive to activity around it. Sitting peacefully the object bleeds into its landscape alluding to a flat reality, or a two-dimensionality in similar vain to Geoff Kleem’s Untitled (1991-2001) and Jeongmee Yoon’s The Pink and Blue Project (2005). The still and neutrality of both landscape and object compliment into a surreal, selective reality – one without colour, i.e. black and white.