The Cloud Underground

Surry Hills, NSW | 2010


The three contemporary conventions of creativity, domesticity and surveillance formed the foundations for a series of investigations conducted in collaboration with three clients: a musician, a housewife and a nightwatchman. Applied to these queries was Diller + Scofidio framework challenging the convention of space through performance, technology and social conditions capturing what is reality for these clients. The collaboration has been introduced to the site of the now defunct Hopetoun Hotel; with the notion of injecting reality back into its heritage-listed skin and once more, giving life to both the Surry Hills community and the broader music community. This architectural speculation has not only been influenced by my three clients but also through the media, council reports, and a personal position on the current state of the Hopetoun Hotel’s contribution to these communities. Reinstating the program of the music venue through the idea of a sound cloud that is volumetrically modifiable to the musician’s acoustic needs as well as the containment of noise pollution has been key. It is intended that all electronic and mechanical components integrated into the Hopetoun Hotel have been designed to be programmed and operated using the Arduino platform – the main focus of technology in this project.