Carl, Widow

Rydalmere, NSW | 2007

10 x 8″ gelatin silver prints

My lengthy relationship with my neighbours, Cathy and Carl, had always been tight but as the months went by and Cathy’s health deteriorated, it really showed how much she meant to Carl, my family and I. They were the couple who I had adopted as my Australian grandparents since my grandparents were living overseas. The recent passing of Cathy meant Carl had lost a partner, a friend, and even a part of his own life.

Taking a position as a photographer to capture Carl was rather difficult because at no time could I detach myself from him and his situation. So in a way, these photos are documents of what his life is presently – around Charlie (their cat), reading, smoking and memories which have been carefully archived.

Carl gets by every day, but just barely. It’s difficult to ignore the presence of Cathy around him. You sense it as he talks to you, to Charlie and to his daughter, constantly reminiscing on the life he (and they) had.

Carl reunited with his wife in the summer of 2010.